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It's Easy Being Green
Environmentally friendly meetings can benefit their sponsors too.

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Do green meetings really make a difference to the environment?

Consider this: The average hotel purchases more products in one week than 100 families typically do in a year. Add to this the products and services used for learning and training events, and it's easy to see why environmentally aware conference centers can have a huge impact. For example, a towel and linen reuse program implemented in approximately 5,000 guest rooms saves an estimated 21 million gallons of water annually. And bulk amenity dispensers in guest rooms at Aramark's facilities prevent the disposal of more than 1 million individually packaged amenities into landfills annually.

What is the future of green meetings?

It's an initiative that is gaining momentum, thanks to the commitment of hospitality industry leaders and the positive response from guests. The Environmental Protection Agency is also supporting the initiative with its "One-Stop Information Source for Green Meetings." This site offers specific suggestions for planners, conference hosts and suppliers, as well as for attendees.

By the year 2020, the Green Meeting Industry Council envisions that a green meeting will be an activity that has zero net environmental effect and positively contributes its host community. By choosing environmentally sound meeting options, you can help achieve that vision and make today's "brown" events a thing of the past.

Bruce Fears is president of Aramark Harrison Lodging. He can be reached at


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