Thoughtleader: Stephen Sherwin, Cell Genesys - Pharmaceutical Executive


Thoughtleader: Stephen Sherwin, Cell Genesys
Taking the Plunge

Pharmaceutical Executive

I fundamentally believe that we can use antibodies to treat cancer. We have commercially validated the use of monoclonal antibodies to treat cancer beyond my wildest expectations. So, if we can use a protein product in the immune system to treat cancer, why is it such a leap of faith to assume that we will learn how to stimulate the immune system so that it can produce its own antibodies? We have many examples of drug development where we treated diseases first by giving the product that was made outside the patient, then learning how to stimulate its production. We do both of those things in treating diabetes; we induce insulin secretion, but we also give insulin.

Stephen Sherwin, MD, has been the chief executive officer of Cell Genesys since its inception in 1990; he was appointed chairman of the board in 1994. He previously held positions at Genentech and the National Cancer Institute. He received his MD from Harvard Medical School.


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