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A Very Specialty Moment
Big Pharma is on a shopping spree for biologics and other specialty products. It has the money to buy them. But does it have the mojo to develop and market them successfully—or will the midsize biopharmas make their big move?

Pharmaceutical Executive

It may be that the big biopharmaceutical contenders such as Amgen or Genentech will prove more adept at managing market segments—and vault into the top tier of companies. After all, these companies understand the world of the specialist and have a track record of collaboration often going back a decade or so.

But Pfizer's Jeffrey Kindler and AstraZeneca's David Brennan have certainly thrown down the gauntlet—and with Big Pharma's future health at stake, no top drug firm can be counted out just yet. The Specialty Decade is upon us, and so are interesting times.

Michael Goodman is editor-in-chief of Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Insight Pharma line of strategic reports ( http://www.insightpharmareports.com/), and author of "Specialty Pharmaceuticals: Driving Industry Growth into The Next Decade." He can be reached at


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