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Tracking Down the Best Agency...For You

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Juice Pharma Advertising

THEY LANDED THE big one. The paint was hardly dry on the door of the new agency with the gutsy name of Juice when Merck came knocking. Six months later, Juice was assigned the agency-of-record for Gardasil, Merck's breakthrough vaccine for human papillomavirus. "We were really blessed," says Lynn Macrone (pictured in the center), one of Juice's three partners. "It's a fascinating way to begin your business in this world," adds Lois Moran. The team, which also includes Forrest King, has continued to rack up new accounts, more agency-of-record assignments, and hire more people. Recently, it moved to new digs in Manhattan's Chelsea district. And to what do they attribute their success? "We know we orchestrate a lot of what makes us different, says Macrone. "We're aware that advertising is a service industry, and responsiveness is key. As an independent agency, it allows us certain freedoms that may not be available in another kind of paradigm." The partners point to their ability to make decisions quickly, and to anticipate clients' needs. "We can equip our agency accordingly," says Macrone. "And we can hire the kind of talent we need." The agency offers a full menu of services that highlights cutting-edge, interactive marketing solutions. It also has an excellent record of keeping talent. And why not? Like the touches of orange paint that subtly appear throughout their stunning, ultra-modern loft space, the agency is charged with an irresistible mix of excitement and warmth.


Employs a think-tank approach to a client's business. Their core values center around leadership and accountability. Clients include, among others, Merck and Endo Pharmaceuticals.

Juice Pharma Advertising
322 8th Ave., 10th Floor, New York, NY 10001
T: 212-647-1595 •



THE AGENCY HAS almost doubled in size in two years. It benefits from being a part of the Corbett Accel Healthcare Group. It is also distinctly itself: Under the dynamic and professional leadership of Carleen Kelly, it boasts a commitment to attracting and nurturing top talent, and maintaining a winning spirit.


Clients include Daiichi Sankyo, Genentech, Merck, Schering-Plough, and others.

220 East 42nd Street, NY 10017
T: 646-428-2500 •


Brand Pharm

BRAND PHARM THINKS in new ways. "Everything about us, especially our brand vision, can be viewed with an alternative perspective," says Kathy Magnuson, executive vice president and managing director. "Our core essence is to approach each client's business in a way they can't. The ultimate end result: a successful brand." Brand Pharm offers "food for thought that's picked fresh daily," says Magnuson. The agency extends their innovative solutions and alternative thinking to re-positioning and re-launching new and established brands. "It's our job to give our clients more than what they want. In fact, it's our job to give them what they hadn't realized they wanted," says Magnuson.


A division of the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, the agency is in its second year, but already has shown terrific creative verve. Clients include: Centocor, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi-Aventis. Their staff is handpicked for knowledge and experience as well as for their imagination.


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