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Tracking Down the Best Agency...For You

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The agency celebrated its 25th anniversary this spring. It prides itself on being client-centered. They look for those companies willing to make an investment, to engage in a relationship. Pepper Logic includes mapping out a strategic plan. Go to their Web site and take a look. It's very similar to mind-mapping. Clients include: Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Teva Neuroscience, and Sunstar Butler, among others.

Topin & Associates
205 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2315, Chicago, IL 6060
T: 312-645-0100 •


Adair-Greene • McCann Healthcare Communications

YOU HAVE TO look long and hard before you find an agency with a more distinct differential than Atlanta's Adair-Greene. Part of it has to do with the Blues. Say what? "We help clients overcome their blues specifically related to the marketing of their product," explains Mark Perlotto, executive vice president, chief marketing officer (pictured here). "The idea blossomed into partnering with real musicians in the Atlanta blues scene to develop the music and record the songs to a CD as part of the overall campaign initiative that we used to distinctively position and promote the agency." To really understand what it means, talk to Mark, who definitely has the mojo, or the guts, or something. Or go to the agency's Web site where you can download songs with titles like "The Young Brand Blues" and "The Regulatory Blues." The agency is interested in attracting companies outside of Big Pharma. "Companies with a lean, hungry, and aggressive mindset, an entrepreneurial spirit, a willingness to take risks, and with, almost always, a sense of being the underdog in the fight," says Perlotto. The agency is empathic and intensely client-centered. They try to put themselves in the client's shoes. "To best serve a client you have to understand their struggle," says Perlotto.


Don't let the funky blues thing distract from the fact that the agency is very successful at what it does, pulling in under $10 million annually. They are part of the giant McCann Healthcare Worldwide, which is under the umbrella of Interpublic Group of Companies.

Adair-Greene • McCann
1575 Northside Drive, Atlanta, GA 30318
T: 404-351-8424 •


Cadient Group

ADDING AN INTERACTIVE agency, such as the Cadient Group, to the mix can make all partners more successful and the process more enjoyable. Or so they say. We asked the Group how it works: "During the past two years, interactive marketing and agencies specializing in e-marketing have swung off the monkey bars and into the sandbox of core agency partners," they said. "We bring a new mind-set to the playground. When you come from an interactive-agency perspective, you have to assume that you'll be partnering with a multitude of stakeholders (internal and external) to design, develop, and implement any initiative. Our entire culture is built to thrive on collaboration. We've helped to unify sales force, promotion, DTC, PR, and educational initiatives—actually creating more opportunities for our channel partners than before we stepped foot in the sandbox. To innovate, you have to kick up a little sand now and then, but at Cadient Group, we're bringing along some new toys and a new mindset, to help everyone have a better time.


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