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Tracking Down the Best Agency...For You

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Torre Lazur McCann

INDUSTRY INSIGHT WAS supplied recently by Marci Piasecki, CEO of the award-winning and enormously successful Torre Lazur McCann, when AGENCY CONFIDENTIAL talked with her on the phone. Piasecki, a fierce and loyal client advocate, acknowledges that while the industry is currently being challenged, an investment needs to be made to make leaps forward. "The industry needs to make money, and we help them do that," says Piasecki. "We tend to forget the innovations the industry has made over the years and the value of medicine. It took big leaps then and it will take big leaps now." One of the ways Torre Lazur McCann makes money for their clients is by viewing every and any project as if it is the launch of a new brand. "We bring to it that same intensity, the kind that engages the entire agency."


Torre Lazure McCann's core service is healthcare advertising and communication. However, they can draw on resources from their larger parent group McCann Healthcare Worldwide. Interactive and new media solutions are built into their own core offering. The agency also offers a strategic planning group that drives clients brand in all stages of the market. Clients include, among others, GlaxoSmithKline, and Eisai.

Torre Lazur McCann
20 Waterview Blvd, Parsippany, NJ 07054
T: 973-263-0290 •


Corbett Accel
Healthcare Group

THE GROUP WAS formed in 2004 when two companies within the Omnicom Group were united: Corbett, a leading healthcare agency for over 45 years, based in Chicago, and Accel, a rapidly growing 5-year-old New York company. Since then, the combined entity has nearly doubled in size. It now includes: Accel Health, Corbett, Surge, Iris, and Kinect. The Group is headed by Scott Cotherman (see interview) and it has agencies in both New York City and Chicago. AGENCY CONFIDENTIAL confesses to having a soft spot for agencies parented by Omnicom. If for no other reason than the practice some have of handing out awards to employees for work well done and for exhbiting sterling values such as courage and enthusiasm. A few of the agencies go so far as to hang the awards in the hallways for everyone to see. Hokey? At first we thought so, but then we remembered the last time an employer complimented us. And you know what? It went a long way.


Corbett Accel Group gives their agencies indepedence while supplying access to global markets, interactive resources, a hands-on CEO, and a core belief system to guide them.

Corbett Accel Healthcare Group
211 E. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611
T: 312-475-2610 •


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