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Do You Know What Doctors Do Online?
If you're a marketer, you should. You can increase the value of your brand Web site if you know what doctors want and when they're logging on.

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And that seems intuitive, but that's very counter to what a lot of brand teams and marketers think. What it tells me is, if I'm in the prelaunch phase or I'm in the first two years of a product launch, I'd better really be thinking about how my site can be a resource for a physician. Because that's actually when physicians will go to the site.

What should pharma companies look out for when they're improving or retrofitting their site?

One is, what do physicians want in the consumer part of the site? So we'll look at those resources. But it's important to see what physicians want in a product, because those are going to be the sites that they're more likely to recommend to their patients. That's a big strategy. We want a site a physician will check out and say, "Oh, I'm going to tell my patients about this."

We also look at how to create corporate-level physician-service portals. The best examples I can give of this are of and These aren't focused on just one product. Essentially, imagine all the physician services for your products: patient education, e-sampling, everything else. Now put that in a one-stop destination site.


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