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More importantly, the workshop builds consensus around a few powerful concepts. This is critical because the ultimate goal of a successful disease-branding program is that the brand should transcend the marketing campaign and be adopted and sustained by the patient and physician community. For the brand to take root and flourish on its own, it must have the unified support of the very group of medical thought leaders who will be instrumental in speaking about it in lectures and writing about it in the medical press.

When executed effectively, disease branding can serve the needs of the patient, the physician, and the pharmaceutical company. However, to be successful, the initiative is dependent on good customer-insight research—a strong strategy that balances the needs of customers with the proven benefits of a specific medical therapy. The best campaigns produce a brand name that unifies patients and healthcare professionals around a condition that is real, worthy of discussion with a physician, and most importantly, able to be managed effectively for a better outcome.

Vince Parry is president of Y Brand, an inVentiv Health company. He can be reached at


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