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Setting Up Shop on Second Life
An online universe opens up a virtual world of possibilities for businesses, including consultancies, to interact with their clients

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It seems like a natural venue for big meetings. Do you agree?

Absolutely. We just had a conference together with the Sunday Times in July (you can watch a movie of it on our Web site, We had four panelists. A guy from Cisco in Austin, Texas; the Sunday Times journalist was from New York City, Embon Emeril was from Holland, and I was in London. We were projecting our live audio conversation into this world. Something like 100 participants from everywhere in the world were sitting there listening to our discussion. They could see videos; they could see slides; they could ask questions. It was almost a better, and richer, communication experience for the participants than if it took place in the real world. I mean, think about the ease and savings in terms of time and travel, which is just getting worse.

And ecological?

Yes, in a virtual world there is the political correctness of saving carbon.


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