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Step It Up: Branding Roundtable

Pharmaceutical Executive

GUARINI: But could it boomerang back on the companies? Will I resent that if I had been taking Zocor for the last 10 years, and it was $180 a month, that I am now paying $40?

WILKES: It depends if your relationship is with simvastatin or with Merck. If it's with Merck, the company has to tell the patient what is coming, and why there is a price disparity. Right now, that information comes from the pharmacist.

BOKEN: The biggest opportunity is with life-saving drugs. If I get a cancer treatment that literally brings me back to life, then I would be willing to continue to buy from the original manufacturer.

HUNTSMAN: If there is more pharmacovigilance, what will be required of generic companies? Will they have to take on the costs of expensive risk-management programs? That may be a barrier to entry for some generic companies.

BREITSTEIN: And certainly an opportunity. Thank you all for participating.


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