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What Moratorium?
Most physicians agree that direct-to-consumer advertisements should be put on hold, but few are screaming for change. Why?

Pharmaceutical Executive

Large amounts of money are being spent right now on DTC advertising, particularly on television. Do you have clients who might reevaluate their approach to DTC because of this study?

I would certainly say to you that our clients are concerned about the public's perception of what they're saying about their brand and that it's being understood as being truthful and forthright. Once a consumer loses trust in a company or a brand, that's the death knell. They are very eager to have the right message understood about their brand.

Do you think the negative perception of DTC will change in the near future?

We've just entered a political season when a lot of people are going to be taking shots—maybe fairly, maybe unfairly—at the healthcare industry. So I think that the healthcare industry has to be alert and sensitive to that and to be willing to fight back when unfair accusations are made. It's going to be potentially a rough season for the pharmaceutical industry.


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