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Lincoln, Digger, and the Rest of the Gang
We asked seven industry experts to talk about today's best (and worst) pharma icons

Pharmaceutical Executive

I love the Rozerem ads. I'm not saying they work for everybody. But as an ad guy, I love them. Is Abe Lincoln my conscience, or is he just plain Abe Lincoln? Is the beaver the beaver, or does he represent my dreams and aspirations? What's the deep-sea diver doing in the back? They're cutting edge. It may not be the most generally accepted ad, but you have to respect whoever pulled that off. I would love to have been in the pitch meeting when they signed on the line. That was extremely brave. I'd love to see more people doing stuff like this, I really would. In Europe, they're more apt to do things like this. It might be that US culture is more conservative. When I travel to Europe, I see more cartoons in pharma ads.

Mark Stevens, author, God Is a Salesman: I find the Rozerem beaver to be intriguing because of its relationship to the dream. That's a great way to talk about dreaming and to visualize it. The whole category of sleep aids has grown so dramatically, driven not only by need but by the desire to have something better. I think the beaver gives you the sense that there's a richness to the night that you may be missing. Of course, any advertising at all is only as good as the sales it generates, and I stick to that philosophy. But if you talk to me about personally identifying a favorite, I absolutely love the Rozerem ads. I love the Lunesta moth too. I actually bought the product because of that commercial. I was disappointed with the product, but they'd sold me on it. I liked the idea of waking up and stretching my arms out in the morning, having a great night's sleep, waking up with a desire to take the world on.


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