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The Navigator: Charlotte Sibley

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Part of that goes back to the finesse with which she influences others to invest in their employees' development. "It's not just Charlotte who is supporting you," says Cleff. "She builds the culture so that people throughout our organization are committed to career development of the people on their team."

Meanwhile, Sibley's first project in her new role is a program for senior management of Shire at Wharton. The course builds the cross-functional leadership that is needed to be competitive today and enforces the feedback loop.

For example, there's the lesson on the ADHD patch Daytrana (methylphenidate). Parents complained of problems applying and removing the adhesive patch from their children. Sibley worked closely with Chhaya Shah, in quality assurance, to design a survey that, when completed, distilled an important nugget of information: When caretakers were educated on how to use Daytrana, it increased the chances of better application by 35 percent. "That was valuable data," says Shah. "No one else could get it but her."

But Mike Cola, president of specialty pharmaceuticals, says Sibley is looking far beyond training—and even the integration of internal teams. "She's trying to draw out of the organization the wisdom, the learnings, and then figuring out how to reapply them," he says. "Once the dust settles, you have to start to be able to be good at things. And one way you get to be good is to continuously learn from what's going on both internally and externally."

For a master navigator, it's the challenge of a career: The people, the maps, the destinations are all new. What remains is the directive a young Charlotte Sibley got from one of her very first bosses: Show us where to go.


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