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Are You Exposed? Lock Data Down Now

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System Protection Now

To ensure that you are protected from all forms of information loss, it is essential that you have a strategy that
encompasses both recovery from full-system failures and disasters, and recovery from partial information loss incidents.

Enterprise backup and recovery solutions are an integral part of any recovery strategy. They're ideal for providing long term accessibility to data through archiving, and for recovering from those situations where the entire ECM system is down due to a full-
system failure or disaster. However, they're not ideal for restoring information lost or corrupted due to partial information loss incidents, because they require that the entire system be brought down and rolled back to the last known good backup. This takes employees offline, and causes the loss of any changes to the ECM system since the backup was created.

Continuous data processing, replication, and mirroring are solutions that provide various forms of "always-on" backup that capture changes as they are made, creating a snapshot at the point in time data is modified in a secondary location. Because these methods capture changes frequently or even as they happen, recovery typically doesn't require a rollback. In cases of partial data loss, however, these methods can compromise the integrity of documents and their related metadata because the loss is copied to the secondary location. If data is corrupted, damaged, or deleted in the ECM system, it will be in the same state in the secondary copy.

Granular, ECM-specific recovery solutions ensure that in the event of a partial information loss incident, only the lost or corrupted information can quickly be restored directly back into the ECM system in its original state, with no application downtime and minimal resources. In order to accomplish this, the solution must validate the integrity of the content and metadata when it's captured, and ensure that any corrupt information is rejected and flagged for IT, so the issues can be rectified before the information is needed to meet business demands, for an audit, or to comply with litigation processes.

In addition, granular recovery solutions can complement your existing traditional recovery solutions by significantly reducing the data loss window in the event of a full-system failure.

Micromanage Your Backup

Pharmaceutical companies expend significant time and resources implementing ECM systems in order to streamline the processes and workflows associated with the drug development and FDA e-submissions process.

Implementing a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy for your ECM system ensures that the complex information that is your company's stock in trade will never be compromised.

Mike Fernandes is director, product management and services, CYA Technologies. He can be reached at


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