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Interacting With Interactives

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Are pharma's regulations inhibiting when it comes to developing an interactive?

In some ways the restrictions force you to be more creative. If you can't have any gimmicks, there are so few things you can do. You have to stay on message, just talk about your brand. Personally, I think that's good. Your target is to get people to learn something, or to walk away knowing something more about your brand. It's not just, "OK, that was a cute gimmick." Interactive exhibits cost too much money for something that's just a cute gimmick. If it doesn't further the whole message, I don't see why you would do it.

What differentiates one interactive from another?

Different interactives serve different purposes. Say you want a huge number of people to go through your booth; length of interaction isn't an issue, you just want volume. It wouldn't serve you to have a virtual reality section with only two or three chairs and the media, and going through it lasts eight minutes. In that case, you're not going to get volume. Even if every single eight minutes a new person sat down, and you were totally filled for the duration of the convention, you would not get the volume that you wanted. That's why it is important to set goals.

What's the most important thing to remember when setting goals?

It's all about allowing sales rep interaction. An interactive will never take the place of a sales rep, nor should it. It should be an interesting way to keep everybody on message, something to facilitate the conversation. A rep or some sort of greeter needs to invite people to take part in a gentle way. It also gives the rep a very clear idea of, "Okay, this is what I'm doing. I'm not just standing here hoping I get to talk to somebody. It's kind of an icebreaker."

So the interactive itself becomes a way of approach?

Many times, the sales force gets on-site at the trade show, and maybe there's brand new data, maybe the sales force training is just being rolled out, and they're not up to speed on everything. Well, if the interactive is completely up to date, which typically it is, and if you can get the sales people to go through it for the first hour or compete, they will be on target. And it's funny. We've had just a 61-inch touch screen that had a quiz. Reps are so competitive. They were competing for the first hour. They were really good and they were having fun.

You've said cool isn't always the most effective criteria for your interactive. Why is that?

Time Cardio 3D Experience
Holograms are the big example. I love holograms. Holograms are cool. People stop and stare at holograms because they're interesting. But aside from spinning your logo around it can't do much. And people aren't going to go, "Oh, wow, I'm going to go prescribe that brand because they had a hologram." It doesn't really make any change.


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