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Interacting With Interactives

Medical Education Meetings

IMPLEMENT WELL Use signage both on- and off-screen to promote interactives within the exhibit. Booth layout should provide prominent, easy access to traffic-building centerpiece interactives, with traffic flow that directs attendees to reps for further detailing. Integrate multiple booth activities into a single experience—signage, trained hosts, unified branding.

PROMOTE AND TRAIN As the event approaches, set up the interactive experience with an integrated marketing campaign. Send pre-show mailers and e-mails to raise awareness of your booth activity, and encourage sales reps to discuss the experience with their doctors in advance of the event. On-site, allocate time to train the reps on the interactives so they can properly use them as educational tools and help achieve detailing goals. When possible, tie interactives into giveaways to incentivize participation, and make sure that doctors are detailed before walking away with premiums. Doing so can be a useful way to track giveaway compliance as PhRMA guidelines change.

MAKE IT WORK! Put the creative team developing content in touch with the technical staff installing the exhibit early in the process to avoid miscommunication and instances of "But-I-thought." Since your interactives are just that— interactive—make sure they are easily usable. If you have to explain how they work, they probably aren't. Make sure the interface is intuitive and straight- forward. Preview the content onscreen, not on paper, and set up firm timelines to test stability and readability before you go on-site.

COLLECT DATA One of the many benefits of interactives is the ease of collecting data: demphics, user interest, quiz and survey responses, sales rep interactions, and more. Assess your interactive metrics against your goals daily—are you getting, and keeping, the right attendees? What modifications to your exhibit or its interactives can you make for more effective results? Assess and explore your data in detail after each event, looking for trends in attendee behavior and marketing effectiveness. Share your data internally with colleagues and superiors, to promote your exhibit programs and create integrated marketing synergy.

These "best practices" can provide useful strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of interactive exhibits, from initial concept, through design and programming, to delivery and analysis. Use them.

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