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Bolder is Better

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Lessons for oncology marketers

The bottom line: bolder is better. Oncology marketing is converging with the marketing of mainstream medications, where how you illustrate your brand's benefits is as important as what those benefits actually are. Success in oncology increasingly means success in branding; strong data and technology, by themselves, will only get oncology marketers so far. And in today's oncology world, it's clear that strong emotion is the branding formula that gets prescribers' attention and ensures memorability.

We can expect to see more and more branding-savvy marketers evoke emotion through humanistic imagery, with admirable people photographed heroically or stoically engaged in the challenge of living with cancer—putting a human face on the data to command the attention of audiences. And we'll see these marketers tap the rich storytelling power of metaphors, which help brands stand for worthwhile, emotion-evoking values and stand apart from one another. We'll see fewer ads with oncology's traditional, mechanistic images and scientific themes. And we'll see more and more oncology advertising overall—as a flood of new products grabs for the fleeting attention of oncologists surrounded by cascades of clinical trials, swarms of specialty reps, and increasing patient caseloads.


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