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The Drug Vote '08
A head-to-head analysis of the two brands

Pharmaceutical Executive

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Obama: Will sign an Executive Order to expand federal funding for such research.

McCain: Will support such federal funding, emphasizing adult stem cells.

Tort Reform

Obama: Opposes tort reform that caps jury awards, but will support strengthening antitrust laws and promoting new models to address physician errors.

McCain: Will support both tort reform to eliminate frivolous lawsuits and excessive damage awards and a "safe harbor" for doctors who follow clinical and safety guidelines.

Rx Drug Manufacturing

Obama: No statement.

McCain: Will revise the tax code to discourage the shift in prescription drug manufacturing to other nations.

Scientific Innovation

Obama: Will double federal budgets for basic research over a decade and for cancer research over five years.

McCain: Will increase funding and create incentives for basic research.

Scientific Integrity

Obama: Will sign an Executive Order for the review and release of government publications in a timely manner and not distorted by ideological biases.

McCain: Will restore the credibility of the Office of Science and Technology within the White House.

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