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Lifecyle Management Planning For Yesterday

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It is never too early to start implementing a life cycle management strategy, particularly with the long lead-times for the development of a pharmaceutical product.


Brands across the industry pursue these options every day. The difference lies in planning for late-life success and following a cohesive plan— not resorting to a jumble of desperate tactics as damage control.

That kind of strategic planning requires time. Efforts to improve formulations and drug delivery, for example, start in clinical testing. Next-generation products take years to either develop or acquire. Even small tweaks to promotion strategies require mastery of market, clinical, and competitive data collected over time—and that's not including complete overhauls that reposition drugs in their markets. Even then, there's no guarantee that any particular strategy will work. There's at least a chance that it will, however, with advance planning.

With some planning, companies can advance their LCM processes, strategies and structures. Teams that take the time to map out their brands' options—both for today and tomorrow—will be thankful in the long run.

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