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Practicing Safe Social Marketing: Six Steps To Online Engagement
Social media as a pharma marketing tool has been deemed too vulnerable to regulations, but that doesn't mean you have to stay on the sidelines

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Go mobile

Well over half of all physicians own an iPhone, Blackberry, or other brand of PDA or smartphone, according to Manhattan Research, and the majority believe it is a tool they can't live without. Apple's App Store offers more than 150 medical tools for physicians. The most popular downloads provide comprehensive drug information, medical calculators, terminology, or protocols/interpretations (eye exam, ECG interpretation). Marketing dollars could easily be spent creating an app that physicians would find useful and relevant. It is a good way to engage in dialogue with customers since many physicians willingly post feedback.

In the end it's not so much a matter of how you engage, as long as you engage. But if you wait too long, you may well be left without a partner.

Bunny Ellerin is Managing Director at InterbrandHealth. She can be reached at


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