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Filling a Leadership Gap

More important, the results show that the prize for "best in class" as an expert and leader in the personalized medicine field is wide open. When asked, "Which three companies do you believe are at the forefront of genomics-based medicine?", one in three primary care physicians and cardiologists could not name a single company. On average, primary care physicians could name only 1.6 companies, cardiologists only 1.5 companies, and oncologists only 2.2 companies.

Even more demonstrative of this leadership void is that while more than 30 companies were cited in total, no one company was cited by more than 35 percent of physicians, and that was in the area of oncology.

Finally, we can see commitment by the physician community to do what it takes to redress the gaps identified in the study on making sense of personalized medicine. Some 71 percent of physicians agreed with the statement, "I will make the time to learn what I need to know to integrate genomics-based medicine into my practice." This sentiment is buttressed by specifics: one in two physicians state they would like to participate in genomics-based medicine clinical trials, perhaps as one way to become more familiar with the field.

As further proof of their willingness to learn more about personalized medicine, nearly eight in 10 physicians expressed interest in taking a genomic or diagnostic test themselves. Only 22 percent stated they would never be interested. This in turn presents some interesting new marketing opportunities. For example, a molecular diagnostic company could create a "physician sample" program, possibly providing the test free or at a reduced price to physicians. Similar in rationale to a drug sample program, this would enable physicians to assess the diagnostic test before incorporating it into clinical practice.

And this latter point—integrating all these new tools seamlessly into the continuum of care—is what really counts for the future of personalized medicine.

Jerry Coamey is Senior Vice President and Practice Leader, Personalized Healthcare at CAHG. For a full copy of the study and other questions, he can be reached at


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