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Ad Stars 2011

Pharmaceutical Executive

Reach for the Clouds
Flashpoint Medica

CLIENT: Angiotech
BRAND: Quill Tissue Closure AGENCY: Flashpoint Medica
CREATIVE TEAM: Meaghan Golden, senior vp, associate creative director, lead art director; Michael Ward, vp, associate creative director, lead copywriter; Melissa Watson, senior vp, group account supervisor; Erin Ranando, account manager
LEFT TO RIGHT: Erin Ranando; Steve Frederick, executive vp, executive creative director; Meaghan Golden; Michael Ward; Melissa Watson

"In a category that has tended to be taken for granted—tissue closure, i.e. sutures—the Quill device is a radical development," according to the creative team at Flashpoint Medica, who designed the Quill tissue closure campaign.

These print ads depict a cloud in one case, and an iceberg in the other, each being sewn together with the Quill suture, with vibrant colors and larger-than-life appeal. But why use clouds and icebergs to make the audience—gynecologists, urologists, plastic/reconstructive surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons—think of tissue closure? "The cloud image was developed first—something natural, large, with a touch of magic to it," the creative team told Pharm Exec. "Not only is it something that normally could not be sutured—it also has a connotation of 'the sky is the limit.'"

Similarly, the iceberg is a large, dramatic representation, developed specifically to target orthopedic specialists, where surgeons deal with tissues that are harder/tougher than the other specialties.

In what the team calls an "old-hat" category where graphic wounds are prevalent images, Flashpoint Medica says it "needed to hit people in the eye in order to get them to see tissue closure from a fresh perspective."

The Quill campaign consisted of sell sheets, convention panels, product catalog, and a convention video, along with other materials not yet released. While Flashpoint did do some market research on attitudes, trends, competitors, and more, the concept itself was not tested—from first concept presentation, Flashpoint says the client knew they had hit the mark.

According to Flashpoint Medica, the Quill campaign stands out for the client—and for its target audience—"as a method of tissue closure that is unlike any other." – JR


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