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Ad Stars 2011

Pharmaceutical Executive

The Eye of the Beholden

CLIENT: Inspire Pharmaceuticals
BRAND: AzaSite
AGENCY: Dudnyk
CREATIVE TEAM: Christopher Tobias, executive vp and chief scientific officer; Laurie Bartolomeo, associate creative director–copy; John Kemble, associate creative director–art
LEFT TO RIGHT: Laurie Bartolomeo, John Kemble, Scott Harper, account group supervisor

Dudnyk's Metal Man AzaSite bacterial conjunctivitis campaign spans print, Web, sales rep materials, and 2-D barcodes to reach ophthalmologists through as many avenues as possible.

In a world where the competition consists almost solely of brochures full of closeups of red, splotchy eyes, Metal Man exemplifies the symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis in a new way. "In the ophthalmology journals, there are a lot of eyes, for obvious reasons. The target audience likes to see eyes—that has a lot to do with how they visualize the disease or their patients. What this creative team set out to do was be able to land in that area but not look like everyone else," explains Christopher Tobias, PhD, Dudnyk's executive vice president and chief scientific officer.

"The metal surface of Metal Man's face is a metaphor for the ocular surface—the region around the eye—and the rust is a metaphor for bacterial conjunctivitis and the symptoms that it causes," adds Laurie Bartolomeo, Dudnyk's associate creative director, copy. In the "after" image, Metal Man's rust has cleared up, and he is visibly happier and more "himself" again.

This striking visual of the rust and the metal not only stands out from the competition, but also captures the misery and subsequent relief of a patient who is suffering from conjunctivitis and then finds a solution. "People go to see an eye care professional usually because they're miserable. And the specialists like making their patients
happy. In addition to the resolution of the eye symptoms, Metal Man obviously goes from being very irritated and miserable in his expression to being happy afterwards, so I think the specialists really responded well to that emotional connection," says Bartolomeo.

The Metal Man campaign becoming such a success, according to Dudnyk, is a testament to the client, AzaSite, as much as to the agency. "We're really lucky to have a client that trusts us, and has an amazing understanding of the market and target audience, and is able to make the kind of creative decisions that have an impact on the brand," says John Kemble, Dudnyk's associate creative director, art. – JR


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