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Ad Stars 2011

Pharmaceutical Executive

Inner Energy

CLIENT: Smith & Nephew
BRAND: Smith & Nephew hip and knee replacements
AGENCY: Ogilvy
CREATIVE TEAM: Jonathan Isaacs, chief creative officer; Ann Woodward, group account director
LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Woodward; Christine Beeby, executive group director; Daniella Tineo-Cohn, associate creative director; Tracy McFarlane, creative director; Lisa Savage, associate creative director

Agray silhouette moves seamlessly, flowing like ink through water—swimming, golfing, playing tennis. The only discernable, solid characteristics in these figures in motion are the hip and knee replacement devices from Smith & Nephew. Chief creative officer Jonathan Isaacs and group account director Ann Woodward from Ogilvy Healthworld, part of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, are two of the many creative people who took part in developing the ad campaign for Smith & Nephew hip and knee replacement products, encouraging patients to "rediscover their go."

This DTC campaign manifested as TV spots aimed to showcase joint replacement devices in a nonconventional way, delivering the message that "this isn't your grandfather's hip," according to Isaacs. "I think we tried to do something that felt much more state-of-the-art. This literally is the next generation of hip and knee replacement."

In a field of competitors where depicting movement and activity to tout the capabilities of joint replacement devices are commonplace, Ogilvy knew it had to stand out from the crowd. In one way, the agency actually achieved its goal of standing out by blending in. Using gray silhouettes instead of actors or animated characters allows the audience to place themselves in the ad, and visualize their own personality and activity level filling in the blanks. "It allows you to kind of project yourself into these people because you're not sure of the gender, you're not sure of the age. All you're sure of is that they're out there doing really energetic, exciting things," explains Isaacs.

Another differentiating factor for the Smith & Nephew campaign was that it aimed to reach a broader audience. Isaacs says that much of the competition in joint replacement ads tends to skew a bit older, targeting middle-aged or senior men and women, and that Ogilvy's campaign allows for a younger, less traditional interpretation. "Everyone has this inner energy inside—you want to get out there and do things, and this helps you do that seamlessly. We were trying to make the point that anybody who is active can create wear and tear on their bodies, and there are a lot of folks—young and old—that can need joint replacement," Isaacs says.

One added bonus to using silhouettes in these campaigns was the ability to showcase the joint replacement devices themselves, moving the focus away from actors and onto product. Smith & Nephew's joint replacement products are "state-of-the-art technology but they're also incredibly beautiful," says Isaacs. "We were very taken with them from the moment we saw them, so we wanted to integrate the joints from the get-go, and make them as much the hero as anything else in the spot. Through these silhouettes, we were literally able to show consumers how these joint replacements fit so perfectly into your body and into your life." – JR


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