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12th Annual Pharm Exec 50

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Global Pharma Sales by Region
A good percentage of that growth was fueled by mergers and acquisitions. In addition to Pfizer and its 29 percent increase, big gainers included Merck (58 percent growth after its merger with Schering Plough) and Abbott (up nearly 28 percent in the wake of its acquisitions of Solvay and Piramal). But the biggest single-year bump came at a much smaller company: The Irish firm Warner Chilcott last year acquired the pharmaceutical business of Procter & Gamble, including the billion-dollar drug Actonel, and raised its Rx revenues a whopping 111 percent to $2.9 billion.

Top 25 US Pharma Products by Sales
Looming over the year—and the decade—is the shadow of US healthcare reform. Many in pharma feel they have dodged the bullet of new regulation and stand to gain as a projected 30 million previously uninsured Americans finally obtain insurance coverage for healthcare. But the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not the end of the discussion—it's more like the beginning of an avalanche. The economic forces it sets in motion today will be playing out for payers, patients, providers, and pharma for the foreseeable future, changing the way care is delivered and paid for, creating numerous business threats, but, with luck, ending up with the possibility of getting a better alignment between helping the patient and earning a profit.

Top 20 Therapeutic Classes by Spending

Top 20 Therapeutic Classes by Prescriptions


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