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Serbia: Ready to Flourish

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Ana Govedarica, GM of Roche
Many of the MNCs operating in Serbia today are run by Serbians who are dedicated to ensuring their long-term presence in the Serbian market. Ana Govedarica is Roche's general manager in Serbia, and few in the industry are more dedicated to bringing high-level innovation into the country than her. Govedarica explains that, while the route Roche has taken around the world has certainly made doing business in Serbia tricky in recent years, she is positive that the company's presence in the country should be for the long-term benefit of patients.

Zoran Labudovic, GM of Pfizer
"Our strategy is based on a five-year perspective. We would not be successful here as a company if we only planned on a daily basis," Govedarica explains. "Our strategy is to be the most successful company here in the Serbian market, and Roche certainly has the products in order to achieve this. We are moving purposefully, and we are a very brave company because we have taken the decision to stay committed purely to innovation. Innovation requires very knowledgeable and brave people, because any innovation demands courage. I am therefore paying close attention to my people, in order to equip them to be brave and extremely knowledgeable in their work, so that we can transmit Roche's science to Serbia."

Surely, a lot of bravery and hard work will also be required in the Republic's governmental layers. While the potential is there, it will be up to Serbia's policymakers to provide the necessary political stability to nurture an environment for growth, as they continue to hold the keys to fully unlock this growing Balkan market.


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