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Pharm Exec Ad Stars 2012

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The elephant-on-your-chest theme carries into digital territories, including, but DraftFCB Healthcare didn't create those assets. The agency does have the professional account, soon to be launched, but the creative is under wraps. In one television spot, the elephant in the room (COPD) first sits on a man's chest, then stalks him as he speaks to the camera and shoots billiards. By keeping the elephant in the frame as he lines up a shot on the table, DraftFCB wisely conveys the message that while Spiriva won't eradicate COPD, it can make it less of a burden. —BC

By now, the flu vaccine is a standard commodity in the eyes of most physicians. Handed a new flu vaccine intended specifically for the elderly —populations 65 years and older—Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Innovations were presented with the somewhat tricky task of convincing physicians that elderly patients need something different from the standard.

The image in the journal ads depicts a senior female peering into a mirror, and seeing her younger self: "Fluzone High-Dose vaccine – Because her immune system isn't 30 anymore..." reads the tagline. Also prominent is a message declaring that the vaccine is covered under Medicare Part B. "The visual helps bring to light the medical necessity for Fluzone High Dose within the 65-plus population, to help break through that idea that 'all flu shots are created equal,' and drive uptake for the brand," says the Saatchi creative team via email. The look that the female senior is giving to her gorgeous, 30-year-old self in the mirror seems to acknowledge the inevitable deterioration associated with age. But at the same time, there's a renewed confidence in the elder woman's profile; her arched eyebrows and half-smile insinuate a received confidence from younger form, and an acceptance of the aging process.

The campaign began last summer, and will run through 2012. Publicis Healthcare Communications has facilitated partnerships with Optimedia and Digitas Health, for digital and media executions. In addition to journal ads, the campaign also includes brochures and informational sheets to leave with physicians.

"The biggest challenge has been educating healthcare professionals on immunology in the elderly, and how it relates to influenza vaccination," says the Saatchi team. "We had to carefully balance the need for Fluzone High-Dose, within the 65-plus population, without creating distrust in the standard influenza vaccine, which could hurt overall immunization rates." —BC


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