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Pharm Exec 50: Growth from the Bottom Up

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Top 25 Corporations by US Prescriptions
New additions include a reincarnated Valeant (44), formed when Biovail—Canada's largest publicly held pharma, a specialist in CNS drugs and delivery—purchased the American firm for $3.3 billion, adopting its name and putting Valeant CEO Michael Pearson in charge of the combined operation. Endo Pharmaceuticals (45) is currently in the process of "reinventing" itself with a new business model and name (Endo Health Solutions); the company grew its branded and prescription pharmaceutical business by 38 percent in 2011. Grifols, the Spanish manufacturer of plasma fractionation products (47), grew revenues by more than 80 percent, partly as a result of the acquisition of US-based Talecris. And finally, Aspen Pharmacare, the 50's first African company, grew its revenues by 29 percent last year, and its CAGR since 1998 is 46 percent. The company has been expanding its footprint, most recently by the acquisition of Australia's Sigma.

While some of the data this year may be a little depressing (incidentally, the anti-depression class of drugs jumped to number one in the US, surpassing lipid regulators), the hint of diversity and new ideas creeping up from the bottom of the list is a cause—albeit a small-cap one—for optimism.

Top 25 Corporations by US Sales

Top 25 US Pharma Products by Prescriptions

Top 25 US Pharma Products by Sales

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