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Country Report: South Africa
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For the first time, Africa played host to the Annual International Generic Pharmaceutical Alliance (IGPA) Conference. Organized by the National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of South Africa (NAPM), the 14th International Conference took place in Cape Town, South Africa, November 1-3, 2011.

Figure 2: Previous period growth % in value - IMS data
Opened by South Africa's Director General of the National Department of Health, Dr. Malebona Precious Matsoso, the two-day event gave delegates the opportunity to hear prominent local and international industry personalities and government authorities discuss current topics pertinent to the global pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

With representatives from institutions such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the European Generic Association (EGA), as well as the World Health Organization (WHO), the conference gathered high-level international stakeholders.

Figure 3: top 25 players in the total pharmaceutical market IMS data
Under the theme of "Breaking Barriers to Medicine Access," speakers discussed the sustainability of the current generic business model, regulatory developments affecting the industry, globalization and HIV/AIDS treatments, the impact of the diminishing innovator pipeline, competitive strategies involving intellectual property and patents, and the role of super generics and pseudo generics.

With India as the IGPA's 2010 host and Japan to host the conference this year, the selection of South Africa to host this prestigious international event has great value. It reflects both the potential in South Africa and the confidence in the country's capacity to lead a pharmaceutical model for the entire continent.

Mohammad Bodhania, chairman of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (NAPM), says, "Although we would have liked more African delegates, I think this conference showed that South Africa and the world community understand the challenges the continent is facing."

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Many industry leaders see South Africa as the springboard for conducting business in Africa. "South Africa is definitely a gateway to the African markets," says Dr. Timmy Kedijang, general manager of southern Africa for Novo Nordisk. "In terms of its economic strength, level of development, and information technology, South Africa is way ahead of most other African markets."


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