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Country Report: Mexico
Shaking Up the System

Pharmaceutical Executive

Building Trust

Alfredo Rimoch, General Director, Liomont
Other companies decided to stick to their strategy during these tough times and came out on top, due to the strength of their brands and the trust built up with the medical community. Liomont Laboratories, whose portfolio is 75% prescription medicine, will celebrate 75 years in the industry next year and is in the top ten rankings for prescription drugs in the country. Alfredo Rimoch, general director of the company, explains how they won through on trust and reputation.

"Over recent years we have put particular focus on branded generics which we promote to doctors through a very strong sales force. We prepared well for the boom in pure generics, which took a lot of work, but we succeeded. Branded generics have existed for a long time in Mexico and we have worked for many years in promoting our vision of the company which is based on quality and trust through our services and our products."

Family Business, Still Hot?
Stendhal has based a large part of its business on in-licensing innovation from multinationals and building itself up to be the government's partner of choice. That is not an easy task, especially when focused on the anti-retroviral market involving tricky negotiations with government healthcare institutions. The company has managed to maintain 25-30% yearly growth over the last two years and its products are now offered to 70% of HIV patients in Mexico. Luis Calderón, managing director of Stendhal, attributes this to their long-term attitude and quality.

"Stendhal is not a company that looks for opportunistic business, by participating in a tender one year and disappearing the following year: we want to increase our market share sustainably and be in a place where we can adapt alongside the changing interests of the healthcare environment in order to increase patient share." he explains.

Maquila country

Other companies have turned to contract manufacturing, an easier revenue generator as long as you have quality standards and long-term vision. In fact, many companies use contract manufacturing to provide the revenue needed to develop their own brand.

This is the case with Biofarma Natural CMD, whose general director Ignacio Luna explains, "Creating a brand in Mexico involves many years of hard work and a lot of investment, and for us it has been much easier to simply generate revenue through our manufacturing strengths. We are proud of the fact that we are one of the only manufacturing plants in Mexico granted licenses for both medical products and herbal products. We have all the certificates and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) that go with it. This attracts companies in the industry who are searching for high quality."


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