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Country Report: Australia
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While one could argue that PBS reforms are limiting access to the newest innovations to the Australian pensioner after a hardworking, taxpaying life, PBS reforms are also forcing the industry to do something totally new rather than tweak existing products.

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"Registration and reimbursement processes in Australia should be approached as a trigger for creativity, to come up with ways to successfully commercialize your drug," said George Varkanis, vice-president Asia Pacific for Celgene. Australia was purposely meant to be a pioneer market for Celgene in Asia Pacific, a role that it has fulfilled with verve. Australia was among the first in Celgene's global portfolio to successfully launch key brands Revlimid and Vidaza.

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In a success story similar to that of Celgene, the Australia-affiliate of Belgian chemical company-gone-biotech UCB was the first in the Asia-Pacific region to launch the company's three new brands—Cimzia, Neupro, and Vimpat. "Australia is thus a pilot country in the region," said Toully.

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"Australia is much closer to European markets than to Asia-Pacific markets in terms of launching timelines and the overall way in which the industry operates," she continues. "At the same time, because we have this strong geographic link and also because the doctors here have very strong connections with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean doctors we are a close partner of UCB affiliates in Asia-Pacific and we can actually share a lot with them and support their launches," she said.


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