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Country Report: Australia
Where Value Beats Cost

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Dr. Brendan Shaw, Chief Executive, Medicines Australia
"For many lower value added manufacturing processes decisions are made every day to move manufacturing to India as an alternative to producing in Europe or Australia," AstraZeneca's managing director Mark Fladrich said. "The opportunity for AstraZeneca here is that technology that is used to support our medicines is complicated," he continued.

AstraZeneca manufacturing plant in North Ryde, Australia
Furthermore, the notion of a disconnect between the country's research capabilities and big pharma's research investments, oft-heard when Focus Reports first visited Australia in 2008, is quickly turning obsolete. While big pharma mainly tended to focus on leveraging Australia's clinical research capabilities in the past, today the world's innovative companies are roaming Australia's research institutes and its Melbourne-based biotech industry to find ammunition for their pipelines. In 2012, the combined worth of Australia's publicly listed biomedical companies was actually higher on a per capita basis than is the case for such companies in the US, according to Mark Metherell, health correspondent of the Sydney Morning Herald.

"The pharmaceutical industry is high-skilled, high-wage, high-tech, export- and innovation- oriented, low carbon footprint industry," said Dr. Brendan Shaw, Chief Executive of Medicines Australia, the association representing the discovery-driven pharmaceutical industry in Australia. "On top of that Australia has a fantastic base of medical research, public infrastructure, hospitals, universities that national and international companies can plug into."


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