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Country Report: China
The Long March Marches Onward

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Here to Serve: Your Pleasure Is Their Business
Interestingly, not only is integration sometimes difficult, but often unnecessary, depending on individual needs. "For many companies, global scale is redundant when they are looking only to conduct studies in China. In that case, what use is a PM in Australia, data management in India, regulatory consultant in Taiwan, and monitoring in China?" says Albert Liou, Vice Chairman, Asia-Pacific Region for the CRO PAREXEL. "This kind of infrastructure is simply unsuitable for a smaller biotech which may choose PAREXEL to work towards marketing a single drug in China." As a result, Liou has tailored his approach with a dedicated China team, with all the training, project management, and operational execution in China. "The operation is completely China-focused. All the resources are in China, but the quality is the same global gold standard, and we audit everything the same," says Liou.

Found In Translation: Ancient Wisdom from the Middle Country, vol. 2
Ivan Y. Zhai, CEO and major founder of GCP CMIC ClinPlus, is clear about his goals, and how he plans to achieve them: "I want to make the company grow faster, and the best way is to leverage existing resources." As a business formed by integrating three well-developed companies – the CRO DMS, an SMO, and a third medical device CRO company – GCP CMIC ClinPlus intends to leverage the strong foundations of its predecessors, formed by famous experts still leading their academic fields, or by former Chinese officials. "For instance," Zhai says, "the medical device CRO company was previously affiliated to the Chinese Association of Medical Device Industry/CAMDI. In China, we sometimes say relationships are very important, and in addition to relationships, we are proud to have unique resources and expertise. We have a very strong senior management team, with many having worked in the pharmaceutical and/or CRO fields for 20 years or more, and many with overseas working experience."


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