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Embedding Market Access in Today's Pharma Business Model

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From add-on to advantage

To build institutional capability on market access from the very beginning of the drug development process, companies need to ask the following questions:

Does everyone in the commercial organization define market access the same way, and how broad is that definition?

To what extent are market access perspectives adequately and consistently represented on the top executive team? Globally? Regionally?

Are market access executives seen as valuable contributors in the organization today, or are they outside the important circles of influence? If the latter is true, why?

Does or should your organization value market access experience as a part of developing high potentials? If not, why?

Are there high potential market access specialists in your organization today who could contribute more to the organization if they were moved outside of their functional area?

Are the skills/competencies that you are encouraging your market access teams to develop today the same that they will need for the future?

In summary, getting it right requires an enterprise-wide, holistic view of market access. Some leading companies are already moving in that direction—and more are sure to follow to ensure that their products are not only safe and effective, but also accessible and affordable.

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