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Special Reports

Phase Six: Regain Confidence

April 1, 2005

In a bright airy office above fifth avenue in New York, Lynn O'Connor Vos is talking about topics dear to her heart: trust—and how pharma can regain it—the need to put physicians back in the center of pharmaceutical marketing, and reinvention, a theme in her own life and the core to her approach to business.

Unleashing the Promise

April 1, 2005

Recently developed technologies produce clinical quality cells in as few as12 days. Culturing cells in petri dishes can take a month or more.

AIDS IN AFRICA: The Lazarus Effect

February 1, 2005

For Africa's 25 million AIDS patients, the difference between death and life is drugs. But how do pharma's products get from the world's wealthiest companies to patients at the heart of the world's biggest health disaster? Joanna Breitstein went to Uganda to find out.

The Rise and Fall of Pharma Reputations

February 1, 2005

As a reputation driver, ethical behavior has increased steadily in importance over the last three years.

The Year Payers Stopped Threatening

January 1, 2005

Citing cherry-picked patients, unrealistic dosing, and placebo control, payers will increasingly require that the proof for payment of drugs must come from head-to-head trials.

In Sales We Trust

January 1, 2005

The average salary for all levels of pharmaceutical reps is $62,400 with another $19,300 in cash bonuses, up from a base salary of $53,800 in 2001.

Magic Molecules

December 1, 2004

Pharm Exec's Pipeline Report is packed with 25 of the year's most eye-catching experimental drugs. What's their secret? No smoke or mirrors—just innovative science, therapeutic value, and good business sense.

New Horizons in Pharmaceutical Managed-Care Marketing

October 1, 2004

The marketing challenge for every business is to sell products against a backdrop of competitive forces, technological developments, and established industry rules. While change is a constant, the natural tendency within each of these zones is to operate in some kind of normalcy, and for the relationships among them to interact in equilibrium. There are times, of course, when profound change occurs. These might be called "tipping points," where the weight of something new overwhelms the established logic.

Spend Trends: A $20 Billion Bill and Plenty of Change

September 1, 2004

Pharma marketing appears to operate in a world of its own. When US ad expenditures dipped in 2001, pharma's spend marched steadily on. (See "A Different Drum.") Now, as the ad industry celebrates the quadrennial coincidence of the Olympics and the US presidential campaign, is pharma taking notice? "Not really," says Anne Devereaux, chief integration officer at BBDO.


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