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Genpact to Acquire Regulatory Affairs Company
Genpact to Acquire Regulatory Affairs Company
2013 Dealmakers Outlook
Pharm Exec's annual look at the trends and best practices in biopharm licensing and M&A for the year ahead.
Safeguarding the Value of Patent Assets
As small biotech firms test the water in partnerships with Big Pharma, the best calling card is a well-framed strategy on intellectual property.
Transforming Drug Development: A Lilly–Covance Case Study
Eli Lilly's pioneering pact with leading CRO Covance made big news when it happened. Four years later, both parties can point to metrics that suggest the benefit is mutual.
2012 Dealmakers Outlook
Pharm Exec convened a panel of heavy hitters in business development to crack the bat on best practices in licensing and M&A for the year ahead.
Pharm Exec's 2012 Pipeline Report
It's a neck and neck race toward safer, faster, and medically superior treatments. Which organizations have what it takes to jockey their products into the winner's circle?
30 Years of Pharma: Perspective in Numbers, Part 3
Top 10 Companies by Market Share
30 Years of Pharma: Perspective in Numbers, Part 2
30 Years of Pharma: Perspective in Numbers
30 Years of Pharma: Perspective in Numbers, Part 1
Top 10 Products Worldwide

Discovery NewsWire
Bolder is Better
As oncology grows, its advertising is growing up—leaving behind the mechanistic images and scientific themes of past campaigns

Global Report
EMA—a Pioneer Permanently At Bay
Agency's plan for reporting clinical trial data has sparked strong reactions from health campaigners, industry, and patients.
EFPIA's 'Integrated Strategy' in Europe: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire?
Industry's grand vision for reshaping the life sciences in Europe may ultimately prove to be a lost cause.
Europe Gears Up to Attack Counterfeit Medicines—But Only Some of Them
Cross-sector partnership seeks support for a pan-European system to keep fake drugs out, but obstacles are many.
Hopes High as EU Heads Into Leadership Change
Rare allies—innovator and generic pharmas—are calling for policy integration in Europe. But ideology and newfound scepticism on the merits of drugs in healthcare could complicate the effort.
Whatever Happened To Faster Reimbursement For Generics In Europe?
The plan to accelerate generic pricing and reimbursement has become another tragic European casualty.
The Italian's Job
After his predecessor and countryman left the EMA in disgrace, Guido Rasi jumps in as executive director—with great challenges ahead.
Industry/Gov't R&D Support: So Far So Good
The EU's Innovative Medicines Initiative is helping to invigorate new drug development, but there are still many hurdles to tackle before its promise is realized.
Here's to a Happier New Year?
A turbulent year is ahead for European pharma, while EFPIA's Director General begins to rethink its approach to new science.
Europe's Transparency Directive Revisited
The effect on pharma of the EU's Transparency Directive has been overly constraining, but will the mooted revisions offer any room to maneuver?

India: An Emerging Knowledge Superpower
"India, as a manufacturing hub, offers safe, effective, quality medicines, at the very best prices. Now, we are on our way to become a R&D hub." For Dilip Shah, General Secretary of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA), India is currently on its way to undertake one of the greatest transformations ever experienced within the pharmaceutical industry, although the excitement has been over 30 years in the making.

Digital's Place in the Pharma Marketing Mix
The rush to digital will continue at a fast clip, but marketers need to reacquaint themselves with their brands' audiences.
OTC Drug Advertising: Alfred Hitchcock Style
The legendary director's on-screen attitude to his TV show's sponsor, Bristol-Myers, caused some consternation—until the drugmaker saw the results.
How Vital is Good Customer Experience in Healthcare?
Thanks to social media, a good or bad customer experience can go viral and make or break a business. But does this CX argument stand true in health?
Positioning: Still a Key Marketing Tool
Marketing communications theories come and go. One that has endured since it was put forward more than 30 years ago, however, is called positioning.
UK Company Wins Lilly Supplier Award
Social Media and the In-House Counsel
What is and what should be keeping you up at night.
Does Your Rigor Match Your Risk?
Digital technology has changed the risk relationship between brands, HCPs, and patients – it's vital to get that technology working right the first time.
Fixing Wikipedia
Will Pharma join a growing effort to make the world's leading online health information resource more relevant to providers and safer for patients? Peter Houston reports.
The New Metrics of Market Success
Profitability now depends on metrics to help companies answer a key strategic question: "stay the course" with more investment in sales and marketing? Or "stand down" and deploy those scarce assets somewhere else?

Medical Meetings: Docs Speak Out
Three physicians took the stage at the fourth annual West Coast Life Sciences Meeting Management Forum to explain to pharma and life sciences planners their perspective on healthcare reform, online versus live education, and what it takes to get them to participate in medical meetings in today's increasingly transparent environment.
(Some) Booths Beckon
What some pharma companies are doing about the increasing restrictions of face-to-face interaction between industry and prescribing physicians
Build It and They Will Come
Orlando's new Burnham Research Institute bolsters the region's hold on medical meetings
Special Section: Pharma Meetings
Merck mounts pharma's first virtual symposium and interactive poster session
Physician Meetings: A Bright Future
The good news is that as the industry changes its sales force model, the need for meetings will increase
Two Views From Inside The Exhibition Booth
No longer just a meet-and-greet venue, the exhibition booth has become an effective selling channel
Information, Education, and Talk Trump Free Pens
Exhibit marketers can breath a sigh of relief to find out that the new code is having little impact on attendance
Perception is Reality
In this day and age of regulations and austerity, upscale venues are no longer able to put on the ritz
The Shrinking Pool
Public scrutiny, regulations, and pharma's image are taking a toll on the availability of KOLs

PharmExec Direct
Pharma Trials Heading South
Diversity of ethnic groups and prevalence of Spanish language make Latin America an attractive destination for clinical trials.
No Such Thing as Free Drugs?
New medicines program may be a beacon of light for the newly jobless, but some wonder what issues might arise from such a ?good gesture.?
Wrangling Over Research Results
Marketers fear a Catch-22 if they have to write research summaries that FDA considers illegal promotion.
A Review of Tafas v. Doll
Appeals court paves the way for Patent and Trademark Office to adopt restrictive patent rules.
New Study Reveals Distribution Trends in Drug Sampling
Drug sampling is way up, but who is receiving the free medication? The American Journal of Public Health states that the majority of samples are distributed to the wealthy and insured. PhRMA, however, disagrees.
Data Mining Companies Score Legal Win in Maine
IMS Health, and a handful of other intelligence gathering companies, will be allowed to collect prescribing information from physicians in Maine. This is a big win for pharma companies that purchase reports from data mining companies to better market to doctors. The last hurdle is Vermont, which still has an outstanding lawsuit against the firms.
BioMS Medical Signs $500 Million Agreement with Lilly
Eli Lilly will help develop and market BioMS?s secondary progressive multiple sclerosis drug MBP8298, now in Phase III trials. If approved, the drug will be one of the only medications on the market to treat late-stage MS, a boon for both Lilly and BioMS.
Preemption Gets Boost from Bush
State and federal governments do battle over who is responsible for faulty or mislabeled drugs and devices, while patients, pharma manufacturers, and Medtronic wait for answers. Is federal preemption the answer?
BMS Cuts Bloated Manufacturing Arm to Bolster R&D
Bristol-Myers Squibb halves its manufacturing division and looks to unmet needs for innovation. Expect new oncology, diabetes, and cardiovascular drugs as well as a more streamlined approach to manufacturing.

PharmExec Direct Marketing Edition
GSK Chooses MediaCom for a Billion-Dollar Planner Contract
GlaxoSmithKline locks up MediaCom as its only ad-buying/planning provider. The agency will handle GSK's massive ad spend, which last year hovered around $1.1 billion.
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Brings Transparency Online
Drug manufacturer shakes things up with new Web site that functions as an open book into the world of Vertex Pharmaceuticals. The company hopes that its transparent approach to design will be a lesson to pharma companies still fearful of online media.
Arkansas Attorney General Takes J&J to Task
The State of Arkansas filed suit against Risperdal manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, claiming promotion of the drug for nonmedical uses has led to increased prescriptions being written and bigger payouts by Medicaid.
In Defense of Peer Review: Waxman Opponents Argue for Distribution of Off-Label Info
Peer-review advocates speak out against Congressman Waxman?s stance on a new policy that would allow pharma to distribute unbiased journal articles to doctors without prior approval.
Doc-Driven Search Site Lists Top Search Terms
A physician-oriented search engine reveals its most-searched terms. Among the winners: breast and lung cancer, cortisol, and HbA1c/glycated hemoglobin. Nowhere to be seen: pharmaceutical products.
Discovery Health Documentary Spotlights Diabetes and Offers a CME Credit
A new pharma-sponsored documentary chronicles one doctor?s adventure around the world as she searches for stories about living with diabetes. The program, sponsored by Novo Nordisk, enlightens viewers and offers physicians a chance to earn one AMA-approved CME credit.
GSK Told to Update Avandia Warnings
Faced with contradictory data about the safety of the diabetes treatment, FDA asks for a black-box warning and additional trials. But how much damage will the black box do?
Lilly's New Blood Thinner No Blockbuster
Safety Risks, Generic Threat Scale Down Big Hopes
Stormy Forecast for Pharma in 2008
Bright Spots Are Emerging Markets, Specialty Drugs, Says IMS Health

Pharmacies — A New Patient Education Opportunity
Kenneth Getz of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development looks at leveraging pharmacists as a channel to raise clinical research literacy among patient communities.
Open Innovation in Pharma: Defining the Dialogue
There is much talk today about "open innovation" in business and research forums—but what exactly does it mean? How does open innovation as a concept apply to the pharmaceutical sector? Does it signal a change in the way pharmaceutical companies approach research and innovation?
Raising the Stakes in CNS
As brands are required to produce more and more data to convince not only regulators, but payers, physicians, and patients, Jeffrey Jonas is pushing Shire's "search and develop" R&D model into new and sometimes uncomfortable territory.
Managing Information Overload
Companies know they need regulatory information management. What they don't always know is where to start and how to weave this vital capability across the enterprise.
The Pharma Revolution Recalibrated
Industry critics point to a lag in NME approvals as proof of innovation stagnation, but combination products and new delivery systems are quietly saving lives, and bringing in big dollars.
Front and Center in the Fight against TB
Pharm Exec talks to Dr. Mel Spigelman, President and CEO of the TB Alliance, about the organization's tuberculosis priorities.
The Power of Observation
Observational studies present a compelling real-world corollary to the classic randomized clinical trial.
Innovating Around Innovation
Richard Barker, former Director General of ABPI, proposes a new agenda on how to restore public confidence in the value behind science.
Complex Biologics: The View from Teva
Industry and regulators alike must graple with the sensitivities associated with developing biosimilar drugs.

Sales Reps and the New Commercial Organization
By rethinking the role of the sales rep and the new skills it demands, pharma companies can put themselves in a prime competitive position.
How Vital is Good Customer Experience in Healthcare?
Thanks to social media, a good or bad customer experience can go viral and make or break a business. But does this CX argument stand true in health?
Positioning: Still a Key Marketing Tool
Marketing communications theories come and go. One that has endured since it was put forward more than 30 years ago, however, is called positioning.
UK Company Wins Lilly Supplier Award
Field Force Evolution: Adapting to a New Ecosystem
Environmental changes on all sides of professional sale are forcing biopharmaceutical companies to select for new traits in the makeup of the field force function.
The Force Behind Sales Forces
Don't underestimate the importance of the first line manager.
Sales: Fully Mobilize Your Mobile Technology
So far companies have only scratched the surface of the potential offered by the 'new mobile ecosystem', writes Neeraj Singhal.
Competition 2.0: Brands vs. Generics
Innovator and generics companies are colliding as they invade each other's turf
iDeal Tool of Sales Trade
The sleek, portable iPad, coupled with customized apps, gives sales reps a leg up

Dane in America
Jesper Hoiland, Novo Nordisk's President for North America, assesses the challenges and opportunities during his first year at the helm of the diabetes franchise leader's biggest affiliate market.
Gravity Shift: What MNCs Can Learn from Generics
MNCs can learn a lot from generic companies in their strategic approaches to emerging markets.
Regional Trends in Bioinnovation Investment
California's Bay Area and the Boston/Cambridge nexus continue to dominate bioinnovation in the US. Pharm Exec looks at the factors contributing to the strategic dominance of these regions.
The New Metrics of Market Success
Profitability now depends on metrics to help companies answer a key strategic question: "stay the course" with more investment in sales and marketing? Or "stand down" and deploy those scarce assets somewhere else?
Takeda's Oncology Taskmaster
Millennium Takeda's new president, Anna Protopapas, explains the life choices that brought her from Cyprus to Cambridge—and a lead position in the hotly contested search to make cancer a treatable disease.
Innovation: The Moneyball Test
Successful innovation now has to align with key metrics of value—can an old baseball metaphor help guide the way?
Pharm Exec's Annual Industry Outlook 2014
For Big Pharma, the merits of strategic focus and operational discipline are more important than ever. It is time to be decisive — muddling through is so yesterday.
Pharm Exec Roundtable on Market Access
Pharm Exec convenes a diverse panel of experts to identify the key markers of common ground: its time, people, and money against that greatest intangible—hope.
Outcomes Data: A Critical Insight for Market Access
Real-world pharmacoeconomic data can provide critical insight for maximizing US market access and oncology product differentiation, and should be central to the overall brand strategy of any oncology product

Fixing Wikipedia
Will Pharma join a growing effort to make the world's leading online health information resource more relevant to providers and safer for patients? Peter Houston reports.
Social Media: Have We Reached The Tipping Point?
For pharma marketers, the good news is recent advances in social media monitoring make it possible to listen to or engage with patients on social media websites.
Taking the Noise Out of Signal Detection2
Scignal Plus Taking the Noise Out of Signal Detection
How to Implement an ePRO Strategy
How to Implement an ePRO Strategy
The Future is Now: Leveraging Machine-to-Machine Technology to Advance Clinical Trials
Mukhtaer Ahmed outlines how advances in machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies have the potential to transform clinical development programs, including clinical trials.
Product labeling — Increasing efficiency, enhancing quality, and delivering compliance
Product labeling
Pharmacovigilance in a Box
Pharmacovigilance in a box
Dangerous Liaisons: Terrorism and Pharma
How vulnerable is Big Pharma to the predations of organized terrorist groups or that rogue malcontent with an agenda to wreak havoc on society?
At the Nexus of Convergent Revolutions
Digital technologies meet cost containment in the new pharma marketing landscape, writes Bill Drummy.


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