Articles by Mark Bard - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Mark Bard

Public Access

The universe of online consumers is growing slower than ever. But more patients and physicians are using the Web to search for information about health and medicine.
Sep 1, 2006

When people ask how health seekers look and act on the Web, there's no one answer: The online universe has become just as diverse as the rest of the world. Nowhere is this more evident than in the latest e-health statistics that, when taken together, paint a picture of customers who are beginning to find their feet—and new finesse—online.

(Huge) Untapped Opportunity

Sep 1, 2004

There's a reason the political parties have formally embraced the Hispanic market this election year: The number of US Hispanic adults (age 18 and older) is topping off at almost 25 million in 2004. And there's a reason the parties are using culturally relevant messaging and Spanish-language content: 40 percent of US Hispanics are foreign born.

Keeping Customers Through Care

The challenge for most companies is how to retain customers-and achieve a positive ROI.
Mar 1, 2002

The direct-to-consumer marketing strategy is clear: Increase the request for prescriptions written by educating consumers, empowering them to act on behalf of their own health, and motivating them to do so.


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