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Articles by Sibyl Shalo

Chief of Staph

Many said it couldn't be done, but one small company is about to get a step ahead of one giant killer bug.
Jun 1, 2005

A small company with an ambitious goal—to prevent infections instead of treating them after the fact—is about to start a revolution.

Out to Lunch?

For the average rep, a 13-minute meal trumps a 60-second office visit, any day of the week.
May 1, 2005

It's twelve o'clock—do you know where your reps are? According to research from Health Strategies Group, lunches provide one of the few opportunities in today's short-call environment for sit-down discussions with doctors. The average length of a lunch is 13 minutes, with an average of three physicians per meeting.

The Business Case for Diversity

Being at the top of this Top 50 list delivers bottom-line value.
Apr 1, 2005

For the third year in a row, Abbott Labs has made it into the top 10 companies judged by DiversityInc magazine to have the most diverse workforce. According to DiversityInc co-founder Luke Visconti, that makes Abbott, number five in the ranking, extraordinary. Merck is the only other pharma company to make the cut, but comes in at number 24, and is on a downturn—it was ranked 13 last year.

Building a World-Class Workforce

Apr 1, 2005

Job candidates that evangelize a company are worth more than PR campaigns.

Procurement: Clever Leverage

Don't be afraid of sourcing consolidation—the benefits outweigh the challenges.
Mar 1, 2005

Preferred supplier programs allow clients to better communicate their needs and corporate cultures to vendors.

Getting Together is Hard to Do

Restrictions on meetings of pharma execs and doctors are just part of the problem.
Mar 1, 2005

Riding around in a golf cart and listening to the conversations among hoteliers, convention and visitors' bureau representatives, and meeting planners can give you a good idea of what concerns people bringing together groups of pharma executives and their internal and external audiences.

Destination Spotlight: Puerto Rico

Caribbean Discovery
Mar 1, 2005

Before you know it, you'll be in Puerto Rico, too.

Compliance: Obey and Avoid

Advice from a corporate compliance officer can keep the prosecutors away.
Mar 1, 2005

These seven tips are designed for meetings that could have customers or prescribers present. The key is that you dont want the meeting alone to become an inducement to prescribe or purchase your products. You have to look at the context of the whole meeting. In other words, one of these tips may or may not cause problems on its own, but all these factors have to be looked at in their entirety and there's certainly some here that are more important than others.

Conflict Resolution

In the dangerous intersection of content, conflict, and compliance, med ed needs the fourth "c," context, to stay out of harm's way.
Dec 1, 2004

"The worst thing in the world that any of us could do would be for one part of our CME enterprise to interfere with either the professional or legal obligations of other parts of the enterprise," Murray Kopelow, chief executive of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), said in his opening remarks as he addressed an initially antagonistic—if not hostile—crowd on the second day of Pharmaceutical Executive's Second Annual Med Ed Forum last month in Philadelphia.


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