Articles by Debrianna Obara - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Debrianna Obara

Alternative Media: Pharma Online: Not Just Black and White

Industry has room to grow in online multicultural marketing.
Oct 1, 2006

To avoid the extra expense, many pharmaceutical companies abandon their Spanish sites when a new general-market campaign is launched.

Alternative Media: The Health Portal Race

How can pharma capitalize on the competition heating up among health Web sites?
Jul 1, 2005

The race among health information portals may result in better content offerings for consumers. Advertisers that move first have the opportunity to buy out targeted inventory at a good rate.

Alternative Media: Blogging for Pharma

Should pharma enter the blogosphere?
Oct 1, 2004

Although weblogs—commonly know as blogs-have been around as long as the internet, only in the last year has the medium expanded from the realm of techies into the world of mainstream advertisers. From the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean to Google to Nike, organizations are looking at the web pages of bloggers to learn how to turn blogging to their advantage.


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