Articles by J. Kevin Day - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by J. Kevin Day

Workforce: The People Puzzle

How do you find employees that are the right fit and keep them in the picture? Get involved, get visible, and be patient.
Sep 1, 2007

There is probably not a senior executive on the planet who, at one time or another, hasn't raised an eyebrow or two to express exasperation over "people problems." But just try to run the modern business corporation without them. Forget the Internet chatter about the peopleless workplace. There’s no substitute for the contribution people make to the bottom line.

What Does It Really Take?

A military historian once said that a great commander must show himself to his followers only through a mask—a mask that marks him as the leader they need. Today, pharma leaders, behind their masks, must possess a certain substance.
Aug 1, 2005

Leadership evolves from the dynamic of particular situations. Without Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill may have been remembered as a quirky backbencher.


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