Articles by Alana Klein - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Alana Klein

Pharmaceutical Executive's Ad Stars

Apr 1, 2006

In 2005, healthcare advertising hit a new level of refinement in strategy and sophistication in execution. Even better, it reached a new place, where promotion and education sit comfortably together. Brand teams are growing and learning, particularly about using emotion to inspire action.

Alternative Media: Masters of Their Domain

Now the medical community has its own home on the Web.
Mar 1, 2006

For years, educational institutions have enjoyed their own Internet domain: .edu. US governmental agencies have .gov, and non-profits have been able to set themselves apart from the crowd with .org in their e-mail and Web addresses. Thanks to changes made to the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS) in 2001, subject-specific vertical segments have been able to flee the .com world for newly established domains, such as .travel, .jobs, .museum, and .info.

Direct to Consumer: Q&A with Jill Balderson

More Education, Less Promotion. Patient materials should teach rather than tell.
Mar 1, 2006

We need to do more than just distribute information—we need to look at how consumers process, internalize, and act on that information. Health education is a process that is very personal and complex.

Thought Leader: Q&A with Ed Broughton

Give and Take
Feb 1, 2006

Our co-promotions have helped us build a strong infrastructure in the US.

Thought Leader: A Q&A with Graham Allaway

Pièce de Résistance
Dec 1, 2005

Some people are infected by HIV strains that are already resistant to FDA-approved drugs because they were transmitted by someone who developed resistance while receiving antiretroviral therapy. As a result, these patients often fail therapy.

Patients Are Playing Doctor on the Web. It is a Whole New Game for Pharma.

Nov 22, 2005

Log on to Find out what patients say about your drugs, and what they think doctors and pharma dont tell them.

Direct to Consumer: A Q&A with Jim Hoyes

Targeted Patient Education; Multiple sclerosis patients can benefit from a new kind of support system.
Nov 1, 2005

Newly diagnosed patients are looking for a third-party shoulder to lean on, or someone to talk to aside from a physician.

Ad Agencies to the Rescue

Faced with strict guidelines and regulatory pressures over advertising, clients are looking to their agencies for support and guidance.
Oct 1, 2005

The client-agency relationship is a product of its environment. Chock-full of regulatory requirements, scandals, and heightened FDA scrutiny, the current environment leaves much to be desired. But this is hardly news for the pharma industry.

Medical Education: Preferred Providers

Many physicians favor CME programs affiliated with university or medical societies.
Aug 1, 2005

CME providers that are affiliated with a university medical school or medical society are likely to obtain physicians' support for their programs, according to a survey conducted by Rogers Medical Intelligence Solutions, an accredited provider of CME. The survey, which examined physicians' CME provider preferences, found that many physicians prefer programs that are affiliated with respected university medical schools or medical societies over hospital-run programs or those self-accredited by medical communications agencies.


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