Articles by Carrie Fisher - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Carrie Fisher

Sales Force Survey: Still Too Much Business as Usual?

Feb 1, 2012

In the global battle for market share, the ability to adapt and mobilize your human assets around a responsive commercial model is a key variable of success.

Creating Customer Value: New Horizons on the Managed Markets Journey

Mar 1, 2011

A highlight of the Hay Group's annual study of Sales Force Effectiveness, focusing on managed care markets

Uneven Landscape

The Hay Group's 9th Annual Sales Force Survey points to sprouting opportunities amid the harsh soil of pharma's "rightsizing"
Jan 1, 2009

The headlines are about layoffs, but some segments of pharma are still hiring. Pay, meanwhile, tightens.

Sales Slip

Even before Pfizer blinked, companies were asking, "What ails sales?" In this annual survey, 50-plus pharmas and biotechs answer the hard questions about reps' productivity, profitability, and what to do about it.
Jan 1, 2007

One fortunate consequence of a slower job market is that tenure levels are increasing: 80 percent of sales managers now have at least two years experience under their belt.

Sales Force Survey

Base pay is up and incentives are easier to earn as pharma tries to hang onto top performers and attract new talent.
Jan 1, 2006

Big Pharma's hiring slowdown is not translating into a growing demand for contract sales organizations.


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