Articles by Barbara Orr - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Barbara Orr

Surround Sound Meetings

You only get one chance to make the right impression. Visually stunning backdrops and over-the-top presentations can make an impact at your product launch.
Mar 2, 2006

THE OLD FORMULA IS TRIED AND TRUE: GET YOUR reps informed and excited at a launch meeting, and you'll have a positive impact on the success of the drug. But too many pharma meeting planners forget that sharp PowerPoint slides and fancy dinners no longer impress sophisticated sales reps. Reps want more than a fresh presentation. They seek a new experience. They want to be wowed.

The Low Cost of High-Impact Ads

Point of Sale: A cheap way to (almost) forget about DTC ads
Feb 2, 2006

All things considered, POS is undervalued and therefore underutilized, given its inherent potential to build recognition and increase demand.


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