Articles by Eric Lister, MD - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Eric Lister, MD

Back Page: Let's Get Gutsy

Pharma gets no respect from the public. But instead of complaining about it, industry should stop whining and start leading. Here's a seven-point starter kit.
Mar 1, 2007

We all know that pharma is facing hard times: cut-throat competition, regulatory constraints, patent expirations, rusty pipelines, rising generics, falling revenues—and, perhaps most important, a firestorm of consumer anger over drug prices and safety now being restoked by the new Democratic Congress. Nevertheless, industry persists in "staying the course"—sound familiar?—rather than charting a bold new strategy. Its two top priorities remain opposing government price controls and thwarting patent laws favorable to generics. These defensive tactics are hardly the hallmark of leadership.

Reframe Industry's Image

By engaging consumers and taking control of the debate, Industry can salvage its Reputation.
Sep 1, 2002

On the heels of ABC's Peter Jennings special, "Bitter Medicine," which aired Wednesday, May 29, 2002, one can make a strong case that the pharma industry has a lot of fence mending to do.


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