Articles by Scott Hull - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Scott Hull

Back to the Future?

Some states want to block access to doctor-level prescribing data. And the AMA helps members keep prescription records away from sales reps. An "old timer" remembers how he sold before databases came along. (Very well, as a matter of fact.)
Oct 1, 2006

A sales rep's sensitivity to the doctor's marketplace, and his understanding of the pressures on physicians—from formularies and HMO rules to the practices of affiliate hospitals—makes him a greater asset in the customer's eyes. Getting to know a doctor involves understanding the responsibilities of personnel in his office. Reps need to know who the doctor relies on most to get things done.

The War for Talent

As the biotech market continues to prosper, frustrated employees in Big Pharma are looking to an industry that they hope will bring challenging new opportunities.
Apr 1, 2006

Big Pharma now has a powerful competitor. If firms want to have a sporting chance in that war, they need to think about why biotech is so appealing.


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