Articles by David Balekdjian - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by David Balekdjian

In Establishing the Evidence Base, He Made Science Count

Oct 1, 2011

Robert Seidman, Former Chief Pharmacy Officer, Wellpoint

The Year Payers Stopped Threatening

The notion that employers would continue to pay the cost, whatever it was, has been turned on its ear.
Jan 1, 2005

Citing cherry-picked patients, unrealistic dosing, and placebo control, payers will increasingly require that the proof for payment of drugs must come from head-to-head trials.

Biologics Beware

A new study says biologics are at the top of payers' lists for cost containment efforts.
Jun 1, 2004

Biologics and specialty pharmaceuticals, which typically target small patient populations, have historically necessitated a high per-patient cost to justify their R&D investment and expensive manufacturing and packaging processes.

Show Us the Value

A new survey reveals what MCOs and PBms really want: Products with value-and the clinical proof that demonstrates Their Worth.
Sep 1, 2003

Affordable healthcare has become a leading political and social hot button in the United States, and managed care organizations (MCOs) have responded by seeking to reduce pharmaceutical expenses to rein in rapidly increasing costs.

Outcomes Based Access: Raising the Bar

New guidelines for formulary submissions Redefine the value of pharma products.
Nov 1, 2002

Managed care organizations (MCOs) and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)-representing 110 million US patients-have adopted new guidelines for formulary submissions. As a result, they now reject 40 percent of new drugs. Those standards, the most visible component in an approach called outcomes-based access, indicate a revolutionary change in the formulary decision making process that affects 46 percent of the insured population. Many pharmaceutical companies are being caught by surprise.


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