Articles by Gary Norman - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Gary Norman

Direct to Consumer: If These Walls Had Ears

New research shows how DTC affects patients' conversations with physicians.
Oct 1, 2006

Dtc advertising has caused more than its share of controversy both inside and outside the industry. Critics wonder: Are patients paying for drugs they don't need? Meanwhile, industry is still struggling to answer the basics: How effective is DTC in getting patients to request a drug by name? CommonHealth's MBS/Vox division conducted a survey that tried to answer industry's question, and in doing so, inform the wider debate about DTC's role in healthcare.

Direct to Consumer: Hit 'Em Where It Helps

In-Store Promotions Capture Brand Interest
May 1, 2006

Although in-store promotional programs have the unique capability of reaching a large target audience, they currently make up less than one percent of total direct-to-consumer marketing expenditures.


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