Articles by Mark Hovde - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Mark Hovde

Critical Mass for Critical Path?

Everyone agrees that it's the road to pharma's future, but no one's rushing to take it. Yet with growing FDA advocacy and new advances in biomarkers and drug-disease modeling, the rewards of collaboration now look greater than the risks
May 1, 2007

Innovation in science is no quick trick, and neither is collaboration. Back in March 2004, FDA sounded a now-famous alarm: Despite the drug industry's 250 percent jump in spending on R&D, drug-development productivity had plunged by 50 percent over the previous decade. The report, which became known as the Critical Path Initiative (CPI), last year yielded an industry-wide call to arms regarding 76 action items (aka, the "Opportunities List") in six key areas: biomarker development, the streamlining of trials, the harnessing of informatics, improving drug manufacturing, public health initiatives against infections and bioterrorism, and special programs for adolescents, children, and other at-risk populations.


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