Articles by Carolynne Van Houten - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Carolynne Van Houten

Zelnorm Returns--Sort Of

Aug 1, 2007

Novartis' Zelnorm is back, but only through a restricted-access program.

Severin' Ties

Jul 25, 2007

Severin Schwan takes over at Roche

Forecasting DTC's Future

Jul 18, 2007

Spending expected to increase mildly in the short term

The Oprah Moment

Jul 18, 2007

In the wake of a high-profile death from counterfeit drugs, the industry reacts

Fed Up

Jul 18, 2007

How a $65,000 dinner tab led to new reporting rules for Australian pharma

Roche to Ventana: "Let's Make A Deal"

Jul 11, 2007

...And the spurned suitor won't take "No" for an answer

Novartis to Intercell: "Gimme All Your Vax."

Jul 11, 2007

But is the pharma-biotech vaccine deal a prelude to a takeover?

Marketing Blues for SSRIs?

Jul 3, 2007

Blockbuster antidepressants linked to bone loss in seniors

Testing, Testing, H-I-V

Jul 3, 2007

Catching up with the first ouchless fast test on National HIV Testing Day


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