Articles by Louis A. Morris - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Louis A. Morris

Drug Safety: Failure to Communicate

The new drug safety system won't be fixed until companies learn new approaches for teaching patients about their drugs
Sep 1, 2007

Many see Vioxx and Avandia as clear signs that the drug safety system has failed. As soon as reports of these drugs' adverse events began to flood the media, consumers—and Congress—demanded to know: "Why didn't we know sooner?"

Safety Net

The new Culture of Drug Safety means embracing the benefit of no doubt about a product's pluses and its minuses. Pharma must learn how patients and prescribers weigh risks and how to spread the word about the advantages.
Jul 30, 2007

A new class of scales that can help capture drug effects—not necessarily disease impacts, as quality-of-life instruments currently do—will likely be needed to identify the meaning of the drug's benefits to patients

Culture Shock

The withdrawal of Vioxx signaled a sea change. Welcome to the Culture of Drug Safety.
Jul 3, 2007

What's old and established is in, what's new—and once interpreted as"better"—is out


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